I Just Started My New Job

BWI Limo Service: Suspect In Howard County Police Officer Shooting In ...It took me quite some time to catch on, but at long last I have gotten a job as a chauffeur. I have had my license for about three months already and I have just now cashed my first paycheck, at least the first one for driving actually. I got a job driving a nice Lincoln Town car for an employee owned car service at bwi. At first I had to do all the crap jobs. I was going into work in the middle of the morning, after all of the drivers got done for the night. Actually you are usually out driving until rather late at night or even early in the morning it seems. I would clean out the cars, vacuum them out and wash them.

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Misty Waters Holiday Park is a Great Family Place

I like it quiet and peaceful on holiday. I like a nice chalet or caravan to have as a home base for our holiday adventures rather than a hotel room. You could offer me the finest hotel room in the world, and I would prefer a caravan or chalet to stay in on our family holiday. Our last holiday was spent at misty waters. This is a beautiful holiday park.

I have a close relative who lives in the United States. He goes on holiday, or vacation as he calls it, to woodland or countryside settings each year. Over there they call chalets cabins. He and his family like to go stay at their favorite cabin. I really never knew what that meant until we visited one year and stayed for a time in a cabin in the mountains. It was beautiful.

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Enjoy the Peaceful Beauty of the Finger Lakes at Seneca

Marks The Spot « I Love Upstate New YorkTo some, thinking of New York mostly conjures up images of our nation’s biggest city, but that’s just a drop in the bucket when it comes to what you can see in the state of New York. Outside of the hustle and bustle of the city, there are lots of small towns that are so charmingly rural they can relax even the most stressed-out busy-bodies for a little while. One of upstate New York’s most idyllic regions is the area known as the Finger Lakes. Whether you’re escaping the noise of the city or just trying to explore a new part of the country, you can’t go wrong with a visit to the Finger Lakes.

You might be thinking that the tiny populations of the rural towns around the Lakes mean that there’s nothing to do there. In fact, there is lots of interesting stuff to see and do around the area. If you don’t mind riding around to nearby towns, you can check out some of the local attractions. There is great deal of history to be explored around Lake Seneca. (more…)

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Seneca, the Small Town with Rich Culture

Seneca, New York is a small town with population of less, than 3,000 but rich in historical significance. The ideas below will hopefully convince you to visit this unique settlement.

Seneca is located in Ontario County, South of Lake Ontario. The town was named after the Seneca people living in the area. Their name means “People of the Great Hill”. There are lots of important sites around the city having significant artifacts related to the Seneca tribe.

The area was part of the purchase of Oliver Phelps and Nathaniel Gorham in 1788 in which they purchased the land between Lake Ontario and the Pennsylvania border from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The town was finally organized in 1793.

Seneca Park can provide recreation and a meeting facility for small family or company meetings. (more…)

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