Wondering How Nice of a Vacation I Can Afford

Of course there is a limit to what we can do, just like any other couple we have so much money and we have to make our bills every month. We have the house to pay and we have to make two car payments and all of the insurance. Obviously you have stuff like food and clothes as well. We were checking out some exotic stuff like a week in a Kruger national park safari accommodation. We looked at this Kwambili Safari Lodge and tried to figure out what it would cost to fly over there and spend a week or so in the African bush. It is not like we are really sure that is practical. To start with, getting there must be a huge pain. We are starting out from South Carolina and it is likely that we would have to start out from some other place to take an International Flight. It would probably be Atlanta, but it could be Raleigh or Miami. Then you have to worry about how many connections are on the flight.

I am not even sure they have direct flights to Cape Town or any other place in South Africa. I am guessing that they fly you some place else. The logical thing for a short flight would probably be to go to Brazil and then fly across the Atlantic to South Africa. At any rate you might end up going to London first. That is a much bigger route and the airlines like routes that they can make money on, which you do by keeping th planes full and flying. I am guessing that the entire travel time is going to be more than a full day. You might well get a delay or two. I never go any place without one.

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