We Are All Going to St Barts

My husband and I consider St Barts a really special place. Though we both knew each other as friends, that is where we fell in love with one another. We had gone there on a trip with mutual friends, and since we were the only two single people, we were paired up for a lot of the activities. I was so thankful because that is how I found out what a great guy he is! We started dating exclusively, and St. Barts is where we went for our honeymoon.

Because we have so many amazing memories there, we go back at least once every few years on vacation. We normally get hotel rooms, but life has been good to us the last few years. This year, we are getting a luxury home that we can rent for as long as want it. The houses are quite large, and the one that we are getting is four bedrooms. We picked that number because we want to take some of our friends with us, the same ones who were with us when we first got together all those years ago. Three of the couples from then are now married, and we know that we owe our marriage to them fixing us up with each other.

Before we rented the house, we did check with them to see if they would be available for the range of dates we had picked out. I was really excited when I found that we would all be able to go. After looking at the house in more detail, I know we are going to have a fantastic time there. There is so much privacy, yet we are really close to the beach and town as well. I am counting down the days, and I know they are all doing the same. St. Barts, here we come!

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