The Snowy Wonderland of Niseko

After coming back from a skiing trip in Colorado, I shared some pictures with my friends. A friend of mine who lived in Japan for a couple of years when he was a teacher told me that there is no better place to go skiing than in Niseko. When he talked about how great the snow was and how cool it was to ski down the slopes, he nostalgic look on his face, as if he were back at the mountain again. He suggested that if I ever make it to Japan, I use one of the Niseko backcountry tours to get to the slopes and having the skiing experience of a lifetime.

I wasn’t planning on going for another vacation for another year, but after what my friend said, I started planning for the trip to Japan. I had always wanted to go to Japan, but I could never get enough time off to spend as much time as I wanted there. To really experience a place like Japan, you need a full month, not a small time frame like a week or a weekend. Things are a lot different now compared to back then. I have a different job that allows me to take more time off than before. Also, I can work on the go, so if I’m anywhere where the is an Internet connection, I can just use my phone or laptop and connect directly to the servers at work.

Once I got to Japan, I quickly realized that my friend wasn’t just clouded by nostalgia. Everything he said about Niseko was true. It was like I died and went to skiing heaven. I spent a solid week on the ski trail, doing nothing else but going up and down. I took some time to explore the rest of Japan, but the slopes were calling me again, and I went back.

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