Taking a Limo Bus to Our Retreat

When my boss told me that we were going to have a work retreat in London, I asked him how he wanted me to arrange transportation there. Normally when we have a retreat, it is closer and people just drive themselves there. With London being two hours away, I knew that would not be the best solution. There are nearly 40 of us that go to these retreats on a regular basis, so I was happy when he told me to look into a Platinum party bus rental in Toronto.

I knew that they had party buses that would hold around 20 something people, but I wasn’t sure how many their largest bus would hold. I went to their site and was happy to see that the largest bus would hold well over the amount of people that would be going. I was able to request quotes on the three largest buses, and then I got busy figuring out just who from the company would be going on this retreat. While it is normally not a mandatory thing where people have to go, everyone does their best to be there because of how fun they are.

I ended up getting 42 people signing up, so I reserved the bus that would between 40 and 45 people. I doubted we would have stragglers, but it was nice to have a few extra seats just in case. I was able to look at pictures of the inside of this bus, and I really liked what I saw. It looks very classy and elegant, but it also looks very fun. There are strobe lights throughout, a bar so we can enjoy a glass or two of wine or champagne, and a music system as well as a large screen television set. We are due to leave next week, and all of us are really excited!

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