Party Bus Transportation to a Concert

Some of my best friends, and I are going to a concert next month and we have been talking about transportation for some time. All of us want to drink the night of the concert, and so that kind of rules out having one of us be the designated driver unless we draw straws for it or something. Instead, we came up with an awesome idea and we are going to check out its feasibility. That is why I am looking on to check out prices to see how much it is going to cost for us to be able to rent a party bus out for the concert.

Of course it won’t be cheap, but that’s not the point, really, because if we decide to go to it and everyone drinks, then we’d have to like rent hotel rooms near the concert venue, and then pay for taxis to get us from the venue to the hotel, unless it just happened to be close enough to walk to. So in the grand scheme of things, we will probably be able to save money by going this route over the alternative that I just described.

I know that I also want to just rent a party bus because it sounds awesome and I have never been on one before. But I have heard other friends tell me about great times that they’ve had on one. I need to learn a bit more about the prices and the sizes of party buses that are available in this area, and see what sort of price I can get on a party bus that is the right size for the group we have going to this concert. Then I will try to figure out if I can go ahead and try to book it today.

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