One Dad’s View of a Big Wedding

Weddings, in my opinion, can really get out of hand. We started out with our daughter getting married and saying she was only wanting a small reception with about 50 guests. I was thinking how that would be great for my wallet. I can see your eyes rolling and thinking I am a tightwad. Though probably not from you folks who have paid for a wedding. We were getting a small limo to transport the small wedding party. Then things grew to a proportion that we had to use a Toronto party bus rental to get the wedding party from the church to the reception hall. Plus, we had to book a bigger wedding reception facility.

Our 50 guests turned into 300 people. My wife wanted to invite a lot of people on her side and my side of the family. Then my in-laws and my parents wanted to invite a ton of people. Our daughter actually still wanted a small wedding. However, she relented when her grandmother begged her to make it a big event for all of our family and friends. There were people there I had not sen in 20 years. It was nice to see most of them, but I was also paying to feed them. I was hoping the gifts at least cost more than how much it cost to have the event. If so, then our daughter was getting a good head start in her marriage.

The wedding party went from six people to 16. With the bride and groom, that is 18 people. Yes, we had to use a Toronto party bus rental to fit them all. I was actually really happy to see how nice the party bus was on the inside. I was thinking how these things will probably replace stretch limos. They are super comfortable and you can stand up in them. They also have things such as mirrored ceilings and fancy mood lighting. They are really nice. I say they are a lot nicer than the rubbery chicken that was served by the caterer at the wedding reception!

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