Making Sure the VIPs Feel Very Important when They Come to Visit Us

We have a corporate executive visit our office and small manufacturing facility about twice a year. I go through the same routine each time. I book the same suite in a five-star hotel, and I get him a Cadillac Escalade limo from Toronto Limos for the ride from the airport and to and from our facility. Our plant is operated by one manager and 20 people. We are very efficient and do not need supervision. However, it is corporate policy for having an annual inspection by upper management. They kind of live in a different world than we do. We make good money doing what we do, but we think differently about it. For us, limos are for weddings and proms. If I was coming in from the airport, I would be happy to have a ride in a friend’s pickup truck. The suits are a little different.

I am very happy that Paradise Toronto Limo has very clean vehicles that always look brand new. The first trip in for a visit the executive rode over in a cab. I heard a lot of comments about the cab being dirty and smelly. The executive also complained about the cab driver. For his first trip we rented from Toronto Limos for the ride back and forth from the hotel to the plant and back to the airport. There were zero complaints about those rides. We actually heard back from him saying how clean the vehicle was and how professional the driver was. I know most people think of stretch limos when they think about limousines, but there are sedans and luxury SUVs also used to transport VIPs. We use them all the time now.

I like to make people comfortable even if they do not look at the world the same as I do. I guess we are a little rough and tough at our manufacturing plant. We all know each other, and the work involves casting small metal parts and working in a CNC machine shop where it is always either too warm or too cold. At least we can adapt and take care of the suits when they come to visit us for inspections.

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