Have You Ever Been to Majorca?

I am just curious as to whether or not it is the sort of place where you need to rent a car. My girl and I were looking at planning a short trip down there, say around four or five days. We would skip out of work on Wednesday and miss work Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the next Monday. We could get down there from the UK rather quickly. However we were looking at this site http://www.carhiremajorcaairport.co and wondering how necessary a car rental would be in this sort of place. Obviously we are pretty much thinking about this as a chance to party for a few days. This would involve a lot of laying in the sun, a lot of dancing to loud music and quite a little bit of alcohol. Obviously the last thing does not mix all that well with motor vehicles. At any rate the place is a pretty small island and there is not so much to see that you could not see with some other person driving.

In fact I suspect it might be better to rent the little motor scooter things. You could get one or two of them and get around just as well, at least so long as it does not rain. Rain seems to be a rather unlikely thing as well. From all that we have read it seems as though you are very likely to get a nearly perfect sunny day if you go to this island. That seems to be one of the main attractions in fact. I guess there are a few archaeological sites and cultural stuff. I am trying to figure out what we shall have time to see and whether or not we shall want to see it. I like to have plans for just in case.

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