Making Sure the VIPs Feel Very Important when They Come to Visit Us

We have a corporate executive visit our office and small manufacturing facility about twice a year. I go through the same routine each time. I book the same suite in a five-star hotel, and I get him a Cadillac Escalade limo from Toronto Limos for the ride from the airport and to and from our [...]

Party Bus Transportation to a Concert

Some of my best friends, and I are going to a concert next month and we have been talking about transportation for some time. All of us want to drink the night of the concert, and so that kind of rules out having one of us be the designated driver unless we draw straws for [...]

Taking a Limo Bus to Our Retreat

When my boss told me that we were going to have a work retreat in London, I asked him how he wanted me to arrange transportation there. Normally when we have a retreat, it is closer and people just drive themselves there. With London being two hours away, I knew that would not be the [...]

One Dad’s View of a Big Wedding

Weddings, in my opinion, can really get out of hand. We started out with our daughter getting married and saying she was only wanting a small reception with about 50 guests. I was thinking how that would be great for my wallet. I can see your eyes rolling and thinking I am a tightwad. Though [...]