A Day out with the Elders

The old folds at the local senior living facility mostly just sit around, playing bingo, checkers, or watching television. Even though many of them have relatives that come to visit them, they don’t do it often enough, and the resident can become bored. I decided to do something to cure this boredom for at least one day. I talked to the people who run the facility and asked them if I could use a Diamond Party Bus to take the residents somewhere nice. They agreed, and I made arrangements for the bus.

Once the residents were in the bus, we headed of to an outdoors area. This area is a tourist attraction where people can camp, hike, have picnics, feed animals, and in the winter, play in the show. Since the residents are mostly locked indoors all day, I thought it would be nice for them to get some fresh air and see the world. We started by going to the area where people can feed the animals. We gave each of the residents some animal feed and helped them to the area where the animals were sitting. One of the residents held out her hand for a lamb, and it gobbled up the food, which made the resident laugh with glee.

After feeding, we went for a walk around the flower garden. The residents love the smell of the fresh flowers in the air. Everyone was getting a little hungry, so we sat down at one of the benches and served the residents lunch. Although all of the residents can’t eat the same kind of food they used to eat when they were younger, they still ate the food as if it were a 5 course meal at a fancy restaurant. As the sun started to set, we went back to the facility.

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